The word “Should” is one of my least favorite words in the English Language. Or probably any other language for that matter. Can we all agree that if we didn’t use this 6 letter word that we would all be a little better off?!

  • I should lose more weight
  • I should try harder
  • I should stop talking so much
  • I should be more like “her”
  • I should be a better mother/wife/friend/HUMAN


I could just keep on going with that list… right?! I know I’m not the only one. How many ridiculous expectations do we put on not only ourselves but others as well?!

What would happen if we paused for just a moment and asked ourselves this instead…

“Would I put this expectation on someone I loved very much? AND how would I like it if someone else turned this “should” around on me?”

Would it be worth it then?

“Should” is a word to sum up OVERANALYZING!!!!

I’m totally anal about overANALyzing… see what I did there? Sometimes I’m 12.

Are we living in the present when we say these “should phrases”, or are we overanalyzing the past and speculating about the future? I know for me I am never living in the present when I’m thinking about what or how I “should” be acting/doing/saying/feeling/etc.


When I focus on being present all the “shoulds” melt away. It’s easier said than done most days, but when I really remember to do this, I feel totally at peace.

And that’s all I truly desire for myself, my family, my friends, Human Beings… To be at Peace.

So let’s drop the “shoulds” and see what happens.

Peace Out,

Should be cleaning the damn toilets. ME.


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